Do you really want to be in transportation business?

Commercial truck ownership is getting more challenging and costly to manage every day. A full service lease from Idealease allows you to pay even more attention to serving your customers and growing your business.

For most well-run businesses, truck leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative because your cash flow improves, your truck uptime improves and your transportation costs are more consistent.

With an Idealease full service lease, you get industry-leading vehicles that are backed by superior fleet maintenance and fleet services like 24/7 roadside assistance. Our professional vehicle maintenance improves vehicle uptime at a fixed and guaranteed monthly cost. Since 2005, Idealease full service lease customers have experienced 98% vehicle uptime.

Full Service Lease Benefits

√ Priority Service
√ No vehicle disposal concerns
√ Dedicated maintenance
√ Mobile service (at designated locations)
√ Periodic state and federal inspections
√ Vehicle licensing and permitting
√ Replacement rental vehicles
√ Discounted rentals
√ Safety and compliance training and consultation
√ GPS solutions
√ Fuel tax reporting
√ Fuel purchasing program
√ 24-hour roadside assistance

Truck Leasing – Do the Math

Commercial Truck Leasing is a solution you cannot afford to ignore.
For most well-run businesses, leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative.

Do the Math! Leasing pulls all six components of truck operations together.


  1. Purchase Price
  2. Financing
  3. Used Truck Disposal
  4. Maintenance Services
  5. Peripheral Service (washing, rentals, fuel programs, etc.)
  6. Administration (truck licensing, regulatory compliance, etc.)


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